Window Film Depot offers high-quality window films for sale by roll to industry partners, glass companies and window film businesses across North America. Most orders will ship the same day when received by 12 PM EST.
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  • Security Window Film

    Safety and security window film is made up of a thin, micro-layered, and tear-resistant plastic film that is applied over the surface of the windowpane and is designed to hold the glass in place when it breaks. Rather than separating into individual pieces, the windowpane stays in place. The film also provides extra strength and resilience to the windowpane which can help stop it from breaking with less severe impacts.

  • Specialty Window Film

    Anti-graffiti, blackout and so much more. As one of the most proven and cost-effective ways to mitigate damage or provide privacy, anti-graffiti and blackout films are a powerful way to discourage vandals and from a wide array of crime on many types of surfaces. After being installed, these films not only prove to be a deterrent against vandalism, but also reduce and even eliminates the need for costly glass replacement or theft.

  • Solar Control Window Film

    Glass windows help make a home or working environment both beautiful and inviting. But even with quality windows, natural sunlight can cause heat and exposure to damaging UV rays to increase substantially. With Sun Control Window Film, you can let natural light in while keeping out the heat and damaging UV rays. Low interior and exterior reflectivity of these films allow you to enjoy the views from inside, while maintaining an attractive look from outside.

  • Decorative/ Privacy Window Film

    Decorative window film enables you to customize your space to suit any taste. From concealing areas from the public to creating an upscale looks at a fraction of the price, decorative film can take your glass windows from ordinary to extraordinary instantly. Used for hotels, office buildings, retail, healthcare, government, schools and universities (and so much more), the design capabilities with decorative window films offer endless design combinations to explore.